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All attachments are designed for use with hydraulic systems at 2-way excavators, mobile excavator or rail construction machines win on-board excavators. For many years, our attachments have been in use for major railway operators as well as with commuter companies.

The attachments include:

  • Tamping unit for compacting of ballast at open rail tracks, in switches, for single and double sleepers and for varying track gauges (1,000 mm / 1,435 mm)
  • Ballast brooms for removing excess ballast from the rail track
  • Sleeper exchanger as multifunctional unit for placing and removal of ballast plane and for the replacement of single or several consecutive sleepers
  • Sleeper layer for simultaneous and precisely spaced laying of up to five sleepers at once onto the prepared ballast plane or onto a concrete substructure
  • Mulcher for environmentally safe cutting of grass and brush and for keeping the railway clearance requirements

Energy to the attachments is provided via the excavator hydraulics. The excavator also operates the equipment from his normal position. Quick connection couplings facilitate the use of these attachments.

Distribution, technical customer services and worldwide spare parts supply are handled through:

WINDHOFF Gleisbautechnik GmbH | Daimlerstr. 49 | 48432 Rheine

WINDHOFF Gleisbautechnik GmbH