WINDHOFF locomotives use modern, name brand Diesel engines. These engines feature efficient fuel injection technology and optional automatically regenerating filter elements. Thus, emission is reduced to a minimum in compliance with pertinent and coming directives for environmental protection.

The locomotives come with wheel-spin and wheel-skid protection systems to ensure optimum traction during acceleration and positive braking action – always optimised for the prevailing condition of the rail face. These locomotives are very flexible as they can be operated singly or coupled in multi-traction mode with twice the towing power.

The low overall silhouette ensures an optimum field of view, and all dimensions are well within the standards railway loading gauge.

Easy access to the electric and electronic components via amply dimensioned doors in the switch cabinet inside the driver cabin. All monitoring and control elements are arranged in a logic and ergonomic order.

On request, the locomotives can be furnished with a remote radio control system.

All locomotives can be certified to BOA §18.