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The product range on vehicle technology comprises rail vehicles and accessories for main lines operators, sidings, commuter companies and metros. WINDHOFF vehicles are used world-wide for the construction and maintenance of rail nets and overhead catenary systems, for freight forwarding as well as for fire-fighting and rescue services.

We are well aware that flexibility is of high priority with our clientéle. It implies time saving, improved economy and higher overall efficiency. These are also our prime criteria for the development of new products, and they are applied for both dedicated problem solutions as well as for our range of series products.

Maximum use of modular design has provided for exceptional flexibility. What has become known as ‘WINDHOFF technology’ is a system of quick mounting devices for the efficient placing and replacing of superstructure. Thus, containers, cranes, work platforms and other standard or special equipment can be added or removed thereby extending the operational use of our vehicles.

Product info MPV Ventus TRAIN
Product info MPV Ventus TRAM

Multi Purpose Wagon MPW (four-axle)

Metro & Urban traffic

Multi Purpose Vehicle MPV (two-axle)

Multi Purpose Vehicle MPV (four-axle)

Fields of application

Construction and maintenance of railtracks

Catenary systems

Rescue – Fire Fighting – Salvage – Protection