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Shunting technologies

The product range at WINDHOFF Bahn- und Anlagentechnik GmbH comprises the complete aspect of shunting technologies. Starting from simple shunting spills with pulling rope via closed-loop shunting rope installations with sling chains, wheelset carts or buffer carts, the programme continues with a variety of track-bound shunting vehicles TeleTrac with electric, battery-electric or Diesel power and it includes compact and powerful 2-way shunting vehicles for use in workshops and depots (battery power) or for open range loading facilities (Diesel power).

The line of rail-road shunting vehicles based on standard lorries perfectly and a new generation of small Diesel-powered shunting locomotives complement this programme.

Here, WINDHOFF continues with a long tradition as producers of locomotives. The first machine was presented in 1910, and more than 1,000 locomotives followed since.

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Shunting locomotives

Shunting vehicles

Rail-road shunting vehicle

Traction cable installations