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MPV® VentuS®

Breathe New Life into Your Success!

With the innovative concept of its MPV® VentuS® rail vehicle, WINDHOFF offers its customers a sustainable product with built-in future proofing. The vehicle platform of the MPV® VentuS® distinguishes itself by virtue of its high level of functionality and its long working life, both of which are unparalleled in the sector.

Even under rough conditions the MPV® VentuS® guarantees the highest level of operational capability. When carrying out maintenance and repair work on the rail network the MPV® VentuS® On-Track-Machines are also convincing due to their high level of efficiency and flexible operational capability in daily use. WINDHOFF has implemented an all-round care-free package for its customers. This package includes all maintenance and servicing work for the products delivered and covers the life cycle of the product from development to disposal.

The MPV® VentuS® stands for proven technology, sustainability and the power of innovation! It is an evolutionary redevelopment of the time proven WINDHOFF On-Track-Machines which has already been delivered more than 300 times in the last 25 years. Only in the last four years have we received orders for a total of 30 MPV® VentuS®.


The Future is Modular!

Thanks to a large choice of functions and working modules, the MPV® VentuS® provides the highest efficiency to help overcome all maintenance and repair works on railway networks. In this way optimal network support is guaranteed. No matter what is needed – transport of personnel or materials, work on the rails or on the overhead power line, snow-clearing work or towing work: the MPV® VentuS® is a real allrounder.


Modular drive concept

  • Different bogie types
  • Driven bogie and running gear bogies
  • Mechanical or electrical drive
  • Magnetic track brake possible

Modular propulsion

  • e.g. electric overhead line
  • e.g. traction battery
  • e.g. diesel engine
  • e.g. hydrogen engine
  • e.g. fuel cell

Modular cabin concept

  • Different cabin lengths
  • Modular construction of the interior
  • Capacity for up to 7 people

Modular frames (Multifunctional zone with a 5-feet grid)

  • Platforms
  • Cranes
  • Containers
  • Loading areas
  • Customised superstructures (e.g. workshop containers, personal modules)

MPV® VentuS® – Homologation


  • TSI in acc. with DIN EN 14033
  • National homologations
  • Multi-national homologations

Train control systems

  • European Train control system
  • National TCS´s, e.g. PZB, ATC etc.


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