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Between 2017 and 2018, the most complex and technically sophisticated in-floor train lifting system in the world was built in Olten, Switzerland.

16 lifting units carrying 40 tons each, 48 car body lifters, a total length of 180m, and, fully automatic operation. It was designed according to the WINDHOFF Pit Stop Concept for quick bogie replacement and delivered ready to use.

The Pit Stop Concept means: a fast lift – a quick swap – and back on track in no time”. Our motto: “Back onTrack – Faster.”

Following the conversion and extension of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) maintenance depot in Olten, one of the most complex subfloor lifting plants of its kind has now entered operation. If possible, the customer wanted to be able to maintain and lift all new regional transport multiple units and articulated sets with their different lengths and designs using this plant. In parallel, the customer also wanted to be able to lift smaller train sets at the same time to ensure the plant’s maximum possible efficiency.

The result is so far unique throughout Europe. Complete 3- to 6-piece multiple units can now be processed as a whole on the new subfloor lifting plant from WINDHOFF. 16 rail lifters and 48 body lifters ensure flexible lifting of different vehicle types and lengths. The rail lifters are used to raise the complete train set, including the wheels. The body lifters support or move the wagon bodies of the connected vehicle. Individual or all bogies can be lowered and replaced with the wagon bodies supported. All body lifters offer continuous longitudinal adjustment, while the brackets are transversely adjustable. Besides precisely locating the required lifting positions, the challenge involved in this is to correctly actuate the implemented lifters and their combinations.

An accessible, 4.5-m deep installation pit ensures that the subfloor lifting plant can be easily serviced at any time. Stable, trailing pit covers seal the pit automatically, enabling work to be performed safely at all times.

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